• Sat, Oct 24
    Guadalupe Island
    Easily 2019's most awe inspiring adventure, Great White Shark cage diving off the coast of Gaudalupe. This adventure is part of the Executive Experience Series and features 16 executive members, leaders in their field, on an exclusive charter of the MV Horizon on a 5-day excursion.
  • Mon, Aug 17
    Howland Landing
    The entire Howlands Landing Summer camp privately booked for just 8 families
  • Sat, Jan 18
    Executive Experience Series: This one we are jetting over to Phoenix, staying in the largest private mansion in AZ, we’re doing two days of 5 star golf, taking a helicopter to the base of the grand canyon, racing exotic cars at the private Apex Motorsport track, and off-roading the Sedona hills.
  • Sat, Jan 11
    Still the most popular and requested adventure on the list. We hot Whistler for 2 days of amazing riding with the great Geoff Kyle. DM for details
  • Sun, Jan 05
    We RZR from Victorville all the way to the famous Slash X Cafe.
  • Wed, Nov 20
    Guadalupe Island
    Join one of the most awe inspiring adventures in the world, Great White Shark cage diving off the coast of Gaudalupe. This adventure is part of the Executive Experience Series and features 16 executive members, leaders in their field, on an exclusive charter of the MV Horizon on a 5-day excursion.
  • Tue, Oct 22
    Bora Bora
    One of our VIP Excursions. 7 nights 8 days overwater in Bora Bora.
  • Sat, Oct 05
    Simi Valley
    Play disk golf before? Well, come give it a try with 16 members is a fun tournament at one of the Valley's top disk golf courses.
  • Sat, Sep 21
    Lone Pine
    8 members get their own Jeep 4x4 and we tour the SoCal mountain country for off road adventure and some fun surprises.
  • Sat, Sep 14
    Channel Islands Harbor
    Sailboats, captains, and guides included. 6 member groups take 6 40' sailboats across to the Channel Islands for special access and adventure.
  • Sat, Sep 07
    Mammoth Lakes
    A member favorite! 12 members get premier access and options at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, including 1 night accommodation.
  • Fri, Aug 16
    Amazing 2 day 3 night adventure to the Whistler basin. Day 1 is a rare Pink Salmon Helicopter river fishing day, day two is world-class jet boat Sturgeon fishing day. We'll stay riverside on the Fraser for the final night fishing adventure.
  • Sat, Aug 10
    Will Rogers State Beach
    We'll take the 22 mile strand bike path from north at the Will Rogers State Beach and go south all the way to Torrance County Beach. The one-way trip will feature a dozen stops and surprises and several early exit points for the younger kids. Transportation included. Rental bikes provided.
  • Sat, Jul 13
    We'll take 20 members to the Kern River for class III and IV whitewater adventuring. Complete with accommodations at the world class Lazy Crane Lodge, day two is river inner tube float to the town of Kernville and hiking adventure to the super fun Slide Rock.
  • Sat, Jun 15
    Sand Canyon Country Club
    Sho'nuff is back for the 21st anniversary! This year, back by popular demand, it will be held at the new Sand Canyon Country Club. Lots planned to celebrate and as always, raise some money for an amazing charity.
  • Sat, Jun 08
    Drive up the cost to Monterey and back down to LA in a 10 stage car rally experiencing 10 different exotic cars. This event will be over 2 days and 1 night.
  • Sat, May 18
    Sepulveda Screening Room
    If you love the movie and can quote the lines, come for a fantastic fun family screening of The Princess Bride.
  • Sun, May 05
    Jetski TO Catalina
    We have professional guides from Jetski2Catalina providing us with an experience with all the wonder that exists in our offshore playground.
  • Sat, May 04
    Slash X Cafe
    Join in for a super fun day of off-roading in the desert to the famous Slash X Ranch Café.
  • Sat, Apr 27
    Alabama Hills
    We’re taking an RV caravan to the amazing majestic Alabama Hills for a fun family camping adventure in one of the coolest rock formations on the planet.
  • Fri, Apr 26
    Cabo San Lucas
    3 days in Cabo San Lucas, big boat, big fish. All inclusive
  • Thu, Apr 11
    CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures
    One of the best skiing experiences you could ask for. 4 days in the private, exclusive, all-inclusive Bobbie Burns Lodge in Northern BC.
  • Sat, Apr 06
    Compass Heli
    Up to the Vancouver area and into the glaciers with Compass Helicopters for a tour of some of the most spectacular sights imaginable.
  • Fri, Mar 22
    2 days snowbiking and snowmobiling with two of the world's premier guides in one of the most spectacular riding areas in the world, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
  • Mon, Mar 18
    Mammoth Mountain
  • Sat, Mar 16
    Auto Club Speedway
    Infield RV rooftop viewing on the edge of the track for the Auto Club 400. Literally the best seats in the house. Food, music, fun.
  • Mon, Feb 25
    Sandals Montego Bay
    8 Club members and guests will enjoy the luxurious and spectacular Montego Bay Sandals resort. It's all-inclusive and, as always, there are many club extras.
  • Sun, Feb 24
    Vasquez Rocks
    A geocaching scavenger adventure for the whole family. 25 secretly hidden treasures around the park. BBQ lunch and prizes for all.

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