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Your quick guide to judging if potential adventures are right for you

Without fail, after every epic adventure, people would ask an array of questions all trying to get to the same idea, "Was it fun?" Which effectively was just a quick way to establish if they might like to do it for themselves. Well, the answer to "was it fun" is almost always a yes, but it always comes with qualifications. So we developed the FACE SCORE™ to give members an accurate picture of each adventure and excursion, so they know exactly what to expect. 

The FACE SCORE™ stands for  Fun, Adventure, Cost, Effort. These four categories are given a score out of 10 and the total FACE SCORE is an average of the 4 scores. (Cost and Effort are inverted scores)


Here's how we break it down:


FUN - This is pretty obvious. How fun is it in the simplest of terms? This is really about the enjoyment level of the activity and the overall adventure. 

ADVENTURE - This is about the journey and the uniqueness of the excursion. Is it something different or exclusive? Is it something that takes planning and some skill? Is there a sense of accomplishment for completing it? Is there value in the journey and experience.

COST - Cost is a factor. Even though members experience special pricing and benefits, how expensive is the excursion? Is it worth it for what you get? 

EFFORT - Is there work involved? If there's travel, how difficult is it to get there? Is there effort and excursion during the adventure? Is it difficult or dangerous? Is it uncomfortable or long? 

These four categories make up the ratio that is the FACE SCORE™. With this score and breakdown, you'll always know the elements of each adventure and where to place your value.

For example, we went on a 3-day backpacking journey into Yosemite. This was high on the effort scale because of the hiking with heavy packs, but also high on the adventure scale because of the adventure. It was very low cost, but didn't score as high on the fun scale. Overall, a score of 8.2 tells you that it's more about the experience than it is about having fun and, because it's not expensive, it's a great outing. 

Another example would be snowbiking in Whistler. A 10 out of 10 for fun, but it's not cheap. It's amazing scenery and experiences were amazing, but it required some motorcycle skill for the adventure. And it's some effort to get to Whistler. Total score 9.4 

So now you know. Each adventure is given an estimated FACE SCORE™ when it's created and it's updated after completion.

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