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Reject Average is a Private Members Club. Membership is by invitation or application. 

Members receive exclusive access and preferred pricing at over 1000 adventure providers across the globe. From Ski rentals to SCUBA gear, from Hiking Permits to Jet Charters, and we are growing every day. Members receive 2-3% cash back on all purchases, credited to their next adventure or excursion.

There is no charge for membership and members pay no dues. Reject Average is non-profit club and operates solely for the joy and benefit of its members.

Membership applications are reviewed at the end of each month. We are currently full for the rest of the year. If you received an invite or invite code from a member, please enter it here.


We're looking for members who appreciate the adventure in life. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to be elaborate, it just has to be fun. If we asked you if you would like to swim with dolphins, whitewater raft, go bobsledding, horseback riding, or race through a corn maze... and your first instinct was 'all of the above'... you're probably one of us :)

Interested? Send us an email and We'll send you an application

Got an invite?

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