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State #12 Tennessee

Day 62 - May 16th

Drove to Knoxville, stayed at this beautiful river front campsite. So cool

Went to Smoky Mountain Knife Works - which is the world's largest knife store. Braden absolutely loved it.

Day 63 - May 17th

We drove into Pigeon Forge to check it out. It was jaw dropping. It's like Las Vegas for outdoor activity

We went zip-lining through the forrests

We ate at Fudruckers

We went to Zorb balls

We did snow tubing

We went on the alpine coaster

What a great spot.

Day 64 - May 18th

We drove over to Chattanooga to have lunch with Ryan (Blue Chip Boxer) and my new friend Andy Peterson. Great lunch and so much fun.

The we went to have dinner with Buddy Jewel at his house. He made ribs and we had a great night.

We stayed at the KOA in town

Day 65 - May 19th

Drove to Nashville and stayed lake front at the Nashville shores RV park . Most beautiful spot on the trip so far.

Played guitar with Braden all night

Day 66 - May 20th

Jamie Durie came to the trailer. we fell in love again. We went jet skiing around the islands and cliff jumped. So fun

We went in to town to see downtown Nashville, it was a crazy show. Wild night. Bands and people.

Day 67 - May 21st

Had amazing brunch with Matt Rogers. So fun

Went to the Andrew Jackson Hermitage. The kids loved it.

Went for dinner with Jamie, so fun

Day 68 - May 22nd

I flew to Las Vegas for a speaking gig. Kids were hanging out all day. I flew back late that night. Wild day

Day 69 - May 23rd

Met Jamie for brunch at Dolly Parton's White Limousine. Jamie scammed our way in and we ate outside on the roof. Fantastic.

Off to Kentucky

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