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State #3 - New Mexico

Day 13 – Friday March 26th

We headed out to Albuquerque NM at about 6:30am and got caught in a brief snow flurry but made it to Josh’s house at 12:00 – 223 miles.

I flew home to meet Juliana in LA, while the kids stayed behind. Friday night they went out to the Sawmill Market and wrangled themselves dinner. It’s almost like they're adults.

Day 14 – Saturday March 27th

The kids went with Josh to the farmers market and biked the Rio Grande. The ate and played all afternoon and Braden got a really cool pink hat. They then ordered Grub Hub for dinner.

Day 15 – Sunday March 28th

The kids had brunch with Josh and Marsha at a great local spot and then I flew in for the afternoon.

We all drove up to Santa Fe and went to the Meow Wolf exhibit. It was a large art installation maze type experience that was really cool and very funky.

After we went to Denny’s for Josh’s birthday.

Day 16 – Monday March 29th

We left Josh’s house at 10am and drove 208 Miles to White Sands NM – arriving at Edgewood RV Park at 2:00pm

We met the owner of the RV park and he was a wounded Vietnam Veteran who built the place with his bare hands. Really great guy.

That afternoon we headed into White Sands National Park. It was like being on another planet. The gypsum is so white it’s like a dunes of salt. It was hot but the gypsum always stays cool to the touch. We brought some sleds and played on the hills. Braden got buried and the kids had an absolute blast rolling and goofing in the sand. It was a great spot.

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