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State #4 - Texas

Day 17 – Tuesday March 30th

We left around 10am and headed to El Paso Texas, arriving at the Roadrunner RV park at 4pm – 118 miles. Before we got to the park we stopped and got the rig washed. Was shinny and new, looking good.

That night, I met Doug and his wife Patsy. He was a 10 year Army Vet and at 22 year vet of the El Paso Police department. We invited them out for dinner and they accepted. We went to Texas Roadhouse and it was delicious. They were so fun and friendly. What a great night.

Day 18 – Wednesday March 31st

We did nothing today. We just sat around the RV and caught up on work. I added a bunch of good additions to the rig. Was nice to have a day of relaxing.

Day 19 – Thursday April 1st

We left El Paso and headed down to Fort Davis, to the Prude Ranch. Got there about 3pm – 205 miles

Prude Ranch is amazing. It’s a working horse ranch and summer camp that, because of covid and the off-season, was almost empty. We had an amazing spot and just loved the area.

Briana and I went for a hike to the highest point in the area, took us about an hour and it was great.

Day 20 – Friday April 2nd

We toured the property a little. They have all these old camp buildings and rec rooms that are still decorated from the 80’s (or earlier) and they are just adorable!

I went horseback riding to the trails around the property. Was just beautiful.

Then the ranch manager took us in his army bronco to the back of the property to a private shooting range. We shot the Glock and Ruger 1022 for a couple of hours. Braden had a blast.

Day 21 – Saturday April 3rd

We left Prude Ranch at about noon and drove to Fort Stockton and arrived around 4pm. 100 miles to the Hilltop RV Park.

Hilltop was, in fact, on top of a hill and was cute and easy. We had a great dinner in town and did some laundry.

Day 22 – Sunday April 4th

We left Ft. Stockton at 930am and headed towards San Antonio. We stopped at the Caves of Sonora to check out the underground.

The caverns were very cool and the kids were quite enamored. It was just over a mile underground and the caves were actually still growing. Very cool. The kids got to pan for gold and fossils as well.

We finally arrived at San Antonio KOA at about 5pm, 312 miles.

Day 23 – Monday April 5th

We headed up to the Comal River and to Texas Tubes. We rented tubes and hopped in the river. It’s just over 2 miles and the spring fed river is 72 degrees all year round. It was awesome. There are these really cool ‘chutes’ that act like waterslides. Really fun day. Braden swam the entire river.

Juliana Arrives!!! Finally my wife has joined. She got in at about midnight. The kids and I spent a couple hours preparing the RV so it looked awesome.

Day 24 – Tuesday April 6th

We went downtown San Antonio to see The Alamo. It’s more famous than impressive. The story is amazing and a part of Texas history but, the actual building and area is more of a photo op than a must see thing.

From there we went to see the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. It was surprisingly big and well done.

We then walked the River Walk and had dinner on the edge of the river.

That night we met our neighbors and they were in town for the big cattle show at the AT&T center. It was a 4H heifer show and they invited us to come with them to see the cows. So, the kids and I went down that night with them to see the cows. It was like a cow beauty pageant. We had a blast.

Day 25 – Wednesday April 7th

The next morning we stopped by the cattle show in the morning to see the judging. It was like “Best in Show” but for cows.

Our new friends Mat and Matty won the show! Their cow ‘Jolene’ was pretty damn good looking.

We drove down to Port Aransas TX and the Gulf Waters RV Park at abut 3pm, 175 miles.

Gulf RV is an amazing park, it’s all owned spots so they are all customized with cabanas and other cool stuff. We rode the bikes on the beach and had a great dinner in the cabana.

Day 26 – Thursday April 8th

I met Kevin Taylor in the morning, and he took Braden and I fishing on the gulf. Braden caught the first fish and we caught a hammer head shark.

We went swimming at the beach, it was beautiful water.

Kevin came back for dinner and we had a blast

Day 27 – Friday April 9th

We left Gulf Waters at 11am and drove to Freeport TX, just south of Galveston. 175 miles

Gulf Waters is a great park with our site backing onto the river. We went swimming and did some laundry.

Day 28 – Saturday April 10th

We spent the day at the beach swimming in the waves and riding up and down the beach. Really great.

I met a group of RV club members called the Glampers. They are black men and women from Houston who RV every weekend. They were so nice and fun and they brought a giant smoker with them.

My friend Chris came down from Houston for dinner, but Stacey and the Glampers had so much food that we just ate with them. I signed books and told some stories. They were incredibly nice people. It was one of the highlights of the trip.

Day 29 – Sunday April 11th

We watched the Galveston triathlon in the morning and then headed out at 12:30. We stopped in Houston at the Space Center. We toured NASA and got to go on the Space Shuttle. Its was a great stop to break up the travel day.

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