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State #5 - Louisiana

Day 29 – Sunday April 11th

We watched the Galveston triathlon in the morning and then headed out at 12:30. We stopped in Houston at the Space Center. We toured NASA and got to go on the Space Shuttle. Its was a great stop to breack up the travel day.

We arrived in Holly Beach Louisiana at the Pickled Pelican RV Resort about 7pm. 210 miles

What a spot. The town is completely destroyed so they are just rebuilding everything, but the RV park is right on the sand. It is simply incredible. I made a fire and enjoyed the beachside evening.

Day 30 – Monday April 12th

Saw a beautiful sunrise. Rode the bike on the beach, and swam in the ocean. I set out my lawn chair inches from the water and sat there most of the day. We had a great dinner with the sun setting. Great spot, we had the entire beach to ourselves. Just a great day.

Day 31 – Tuesday April 13th

We left the beach at 8:45 am to drive to New Orleans. We stopped for lunch at White Oak Estates, to meet Chef John Folse. Juliana and the kids were absolutely stunned. White Oak is a refurbished plantation on 40 acres and Chef John had a full lunch prepared for us with servers and everything. It was stunning. He was so cool and we toured his estate. It was very surreal.

We made it to New Orleans and Pontchartrain Landing at 6:00pm and 251 milies total. The rain and storm was intense but the RV park had a hottub in our spot (it was called the Presidential spot) and we immediately jumped in during the rain. The only problem was the hottub was only built for two people and it was only 88 degrees. So Briana, Braden and I huddled in the tub trying to stay warm. It was surprisingly fun.

Day 32 – Wednesday April 14th

The storm smashed us all day. We went shopping and did some work around the rig. They got the hottub up to temperature so we all spent some time in there which was fun.

That night we took an Uber down to the French Quarter to have a lovely dinner with my agent friend Alan Moore. He just moved to New Orleans and it was a great dinner all around. We then took an Uber to the famous Café Du Monde but didn’t realize it was closed. Ugh.

Day 33 – Thursday April 15th

Juliana is heading back to LA to see Kahless so the kids and I drove up to Kentwood LA to spend the day with Stale Kracker. He’s a very famous Tik Tok Cajun chef and he invited us out to his place. He lives in the middle of the bayou and it was a total trip. All his friends and family were there, he was a big farm like property with all kinds of animals and 4x4 vehicles.

He is famous for crawfish boil and so he put on a show. The kids got to help and we cooked up a massive batch of crawfish in the most authentic cajun style. It was amazing just hanging out with his family. We come from opposite ends of the world in every way, yet we spent 7 hours together like the best of friends. He makes a spectacular crawfish boil that is hard to describe. We ate and ate and played.

We jumped in his junk Cadillac and went and got stuck in the mud. Then we went drinking at the town’s homemade saloon.

Maybe the best day on the trip.

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