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State # 8 - Florida

Ok new plan, I'm so far behind I'm just going to get it all outlined and then I'll go through and fill it in with pics etc.

Day 39 - Wednesday April 21st

We drove to Destin Florida. Got a great spot at Henderson State Beach. Fantastic spot right on the water. Went down to the beach. OMG the whitest sand ever. Blue water. Epic is an understatement. Swam and played for hours

Day 40 - Thursday April 22nd

Went Parasailing. Very high very cool. Kids loved it.

Braden and I went Go-Kart Racing and played mini-golf

Got a call from my cousin's husband saying I should meet his old boss. So we connected and went to their house for dinner. Amazing time with them, stayed all night. Was like being with family.

Day 41 - Friday April 23rd

Had lunch with my friend Alex and saw alligators - so fun

Drove to Perry Florida. We are only staying one night but the place is gorgeous. Braden and I met the owners. It's crazy how cool they are, they just bought the place

Day 42 - Saturday April 24th

Drove to Crystal River FL - we chartered a boat and captain and we went and swam with the Manatees. Absolutely wild and fun!!!!

Drove to Tampa and picked up my wife Juliana at the airport! So happy!

Day 43 - Sunday April 25th

Went to my cousin Jayda's house for dinner. Really fun night hanging with family.

Day 44 - Monday April 26th

Drove to Naples Florida, had a great spot. Love Naples. Went shopping and had a great dinner.

Day 45 - Tuesday April 27th

Today is my birthday. We went downtown to Naples Beach and swam and played in the water. So beautiful.

Then we drove south to the mangroves and kayaked through the mangroves with this amazing tour. We saw a lot of cool stuff.

Then back to downtown Naples and we did a Segway tour of the city. Was so epic.

Had a great dinner at the Crab Shack

Day 46 - Wednesday April 28th

We headed out to Key Largo. Had a big blowout tire on the truck Had to get it towed and find a guy to tow the trailer to Key Largo. Jimmy drove up and towed us down. Funny guy but it worked out.

Beautiful rental house in Key Largo. My Clients/Friends - Mika, Ian, and Jeff coming down for an executive weekend.

We swam, we fished, we ate.

Day 47 - Thursday April 29th

Great day, great spot. We went to dinner at Joe's where you feed the tarpon. They are wild. I hand fed a shark. Yep

Day 48 - Friday April 30th

We went Scuba diving off the coast. Great time.

I had 30lbs of live crawfish shipped in and we did a crawfish boil just like we did in Louisiana. Amazing!!!!!

Day 49 - Saturday May 1st.

We went fishing in the intercostal. Was fun and we caught lots of fish. We cooked and ate them for dinner.

We drove up north and went on an Airboat Swamp boat tour. It was wild.

Day 50 - Sunday May 2nd

We drove up to Parkland FL to have dinner with my cousin Kara Jane. We had a great time with their kids and just loved it.

Day 51 - Monday May 3rd

We went to the Safari Park and drove through and saw all the wold animals. Surprisingly fun.

Drove up and met my Uncle Mark at a campground in Port St Lucie. We had a great dinner with them.

Day 52 - Tuesday May 4th

Drove up to Orlando. Damn it's hot and humid.

We went to Dave and Busters and spent a fortune playing video games. Fun.

Day 53 - Wednesday May 5th

We went to the Water Park. Wow it was busy and ugly, but the kids loved it. So I guess that's that.

Went to Benihana for dinner. Met new friends. Fun.

Day 52 - Thursday May 6th

Went to the Medieval Times show and dinner. We had a guy come to the campground and fix my stereo and we invited him along. He loved it. We loved it.

Went to the Ninja Warrior gym and tried the course. Yep hard.

Braden went on the super sling shot swing. The Vomitron. Crazy

Off to Georgia

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