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State #1 Nevada

Updated: May 14, 2021

The first step on this crazy journey is get everything in this RV. Planning for 6 months or more, only taking what’s needed, but making sure you can fit everything is a serious task. For over a week it was a full-time job. The kids bedroom/den came out great so they packed all their clothes and were excited. It was really great seeing them interact as they chose dressers and talked about the living situation.

It was very nerve wracking getting everything to a point where I was ready to say “Let’s Go!!”

– but on Sunday March 14th and 2pm we pulled out of Santa Clarita and headed north to Vegas.

We stopped for snacks just outside of Acton, got the first taste of turning and parking the big rig. This, other than when we picked it up, was the first time we had the rig out on the road. It was loaded now and it was amazing how smooth and easy it tows. The Freightliner is looking to be a pretty good choice right now. And that Trailersaver Hitch is amazing.

We arrived at KOA Sam’s Town in Las Vegas at 7pm. 298 Miles.

Day 2. Monday March 15th

So Monday was a build, pack, and organize day. The night before we quickly went to Walmart for groceries as we didn’t pack food in CA. So we spent the morning going through our need to buy list and our grocery list. I got my desk and computers set up, built a bike, and unpacked a ton of stuff.

After lunch, Braden and I went to Ross and shopped for clothes. Braden is getting a new wardrobe so he’s very particular about his style now. It was Monday at 3pm and this was the busiest I’ve ever seen a Ross store (yes I have limited exposure).

Then after dinner we went to Walmart and really shopped. Got almost everything and I’m down about $1500 so far, not gambling, with my buy everything addiction. That doesn’t include the 11 Amazon deliveries.

Day 3. Tuesday March 16th

We took an Uber to the Vegas strip. The kids have only been to Vegas briefly in the past, so it was something I wanted to show them. I would not say I’m a fan anymore. I’m pretty over it.

We walked from NYNY to the Cosmopolitan to find the Secret Pizza. It was actually hard to find and if we weren’t hungry we would have enjoyed the mission more. The pizza was excellent. So that was good. We went across the street to Planet Hollywood and we did the indoor ropes course. 4 stories and lots of fun. The kids loved it. From there we Uber’d back to the camp and got the truck and went down the road to the 1000 trails and met up with RV’rs Todd and Sheila from Switch It Up. I really really appreciated them. I watched so many of their YouTube videos getting ready and they are the ones that helped me decide on the 397th. So we spent an hour with them and my kids loved every second. The kids haven’t been around strangers having real conversations in almost a year and it was an eyeopener on how much they are craving interaction. Great afternoon.

That night we headed down to Fremont street and did some Axe Throwing at Axe Hole. Very fun and totally unique. Kids had a blast. Briana got both axe stuck on the final throw to win the game. Really cool.

Vegas was busy. For a Tuesday night, it was chaos. These huge crowds packed everywhere and having these half-assed mask mandates that were just for show. Total theater. It was silly.

After Fremont, we headed to the bowling alley at Sam’s club, had dinner at TGIFridays and had a great night on the lanes. Braden has been dying to bowl for more than a year. Crazy.

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